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Unknown tours and places in Seattle

I am sure that if you are planning your trip to Seattle then you know everything about the places to visit, the getaways, the shows to watch etc. But I can guarantee you that there are still some places that you have missed because these places are not much popular but can give you a memorable experience when you visit them.

If you young, hip and fun loving just like myself then you will simply love these places. You may also like exploring the things on the common list but why not take the road less traveled by. What’s the fun in visiting places which every member of your family has already visited? Why not find a new destination which none of your relatives and friends have visited even if they have been to the same city? That would be fun, wouldn’t it? In this article I will discuss with you some of the unique places and tours in Seattle which are less popular but have more fun and thrill in them.

The first thing on our list is a set of tours which are called as Private Eye on Seattle Murder and Mystery Tour. In these tours you have three options which are as follows:

  • Queen Anne Murder and Mystery tour: The cost of each person in this tour is around 25$ and it lasts for about 3 hours.
  • Capital Hill Tour: The cost of this tour is the same as that of above and it lasts for about two and a half hour.
  • Haunted Happenings: This tour is my personal favorite. As the name suggests this tour includes the most haunted places in Seattle. While the price of this tour is also the same but it lasts a little over three hours.

If you like murder and mystery more than horror then the first one is the best for you. If you are week at heart and don’t like thrill then I would advice you to avoid all the three tours.

The next thing on our list after you check out the tour is The Seattle Museum of Mysteries. This is the museum whose contents are related to the subject of paranormal sciences. The Washington state consists of only one museum of this type. It deals with many disputed subjects like UFO’s, Bigfoot, crop circles, ghosts, legends etc. The museum contains many such things which people have associated with these paranormal subjects over the ages. It is great experience and also you can always learn something about these subjects here.

Now let’s come back to a place which is on less disputed subjects and which focuses on existing thins and it is called as Science Fiction and Hall of Fame. This museum is a great place to learn about the new inventions over the past few decades as well as to know about the various persons who have contributed to the various fields of science. This is the my most favorite place and I hope you would like it too.

Another great place on our list is Experience Music Project and we have included it in conjunction with the Science museum because if you visit this place alone then the tickets are a bit expensive but you can lower the cost by getting yourself a combo ticket. This is a paradise for music lovers. The main type of museum dominating this place is rock and roll. The price of the tickets can disturb your place but this place is not a worth a miss even though you are on a tight budget.

Seattle City Guide

Most of the common places in Seattle are over crowded and are always full of people and hence I have included the above places for you because they are a nice way to get away from the crowds as well as explore some unknown places around Seattle. There is no point in visiting Seattle and seeing the same places everyone else sees. The fun lies in exploring the unexplored destinations. So the next time you are in Seattle stop traveling the same weary path everyone travels and try to find some unexplored destinations.

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