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Seattle Real Estate

Seattle, Washington nestled between the Olympic Mountains to the west and Lake Washington to the east with distant peaks of the Cascade Mountains offers vistas like no other city in the nation. The city is home to many distinct neighborhoods and districts within its boundaries; however, they are loosely zoned and sometimes overlap. Distinctive neighborhoods fill the city offering the conveniences of shopping, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs.

In the Downtown region of Seattle, housing prices are the most expensive. Seattle’s great culture including an outstanding music and art scene as well as great sports teams, the area is highly sought after by those who enjoy living a full life with plenty to do any time of night or day. Finding home in Seattle real estate within your budget is not hard part including all the amenities you require.

Seattle City Guide

Seattle area real estate has always been well-loved by those who know it or come to visit. Seattle is composed of a variety of neighborhoods and communities, all of which offer their own unique styles and amenities. Many who live here now decided to stay and buy homes when they fell in love with the area on a vacation. The commercial real estate market is healthy in Seattle as well as in surrounding areas. From warehouses to high-end office buildings, the local commercial real estate market is booming and turning Seattle into a golden city for investors. Whether you are looking for Condoniums, Town Homes or rental apartments Seattle real estate provided you all within your budget.

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