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Spokane Washington Facts

Though far removed from the urban western side of the State of Washington, Spokane offers many of the very same type of attractions that other large cities do. Spokane also has
the benefit of being located near a great deal of outdoor recrational opportunities, but here are 7 things you didn't know about Spokane.

  1. 1. The Native American word "Spokane" translates as "Children of the Sun".

  2. Spokane, when founded, was known as Spokan Falls (without the "E" that now appears on the end of the town's name.

  3. James Glover is considered the founding father of the city of Spokane. He was an early mayor of the town and also opened the first bank there.

  4. The downtown area of Spokane was destroyed by fire in 1889. A volunteer fire fighting force was on the scene, but due to technical problems at the pumping station there was no water pressure available.

  5. At the time it hosted the World's Fair in 1974, Spokane was the smallest city to ever host a World's Fair.

  6. Riverfront Park, located in downtown Spokane and made up largely of land used in the World's Fair of 1974 consists of 100 acres of downtown riverfront property.

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  8. There has been a minor league baseball team known as the Spokane Indians representing the city off and on since 1955.

  9. Anyone wanting to visit the beautiful Pacific Northwest and see something you normally don't see or hear about would be well served in traveling to the Spokane area.

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