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» Art Institute of Seattle (AIS)

Seattle Art Institute

The art institute of Seattle is one of the best design schools and emphasizes on the importance of communication and critical thinking to design effectively. The institute is located in the attractive locale of Seattle- a city which is overflowing with music and art galleries and theaters. The students of the art institute of Seattle wa love living in the Northwest Pacific which offers a balanced mix of urban life along with amazing natural beauty. The Northwest is a place that inspires respect for individuality and personal expression.

The art institute of Seattle admissions is based on the academic background and work. Each candidate seeking admission to the art institute has to attend the admissions interview, provide a copy of their official high school transcript, GED scores, or college transcripts indicating achievement of an associate's degree or higher, fill up an admissions application form and submit a fee of $50. Apart from these, the other necessities include an essay expressing the prospective student's career goals are and how The Art Institute of Seattle can help the student achieve those goals, an enrollment agreement, a tuition fee deposit of $100 and all test scores including SAT, ACT etc. All students have to demonstrate their English proficiency regardless of nonimmigrant or immigrant status. The institute also provides transfer of credits for advanced placement. The final selection decisions are made by the Admissions Committee based on an applicant’s academic record, essay and the appropriateness of the applicant's stated career goals as they relate to the chosen program of study. There is an online application as well which students can use.

Seattle art institute has several faculties including design, culinary, media arts, fashion and general education. The programs that are offered at the institute range from the associate of applied arts, a diploma to the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor Science or the Bachelor of Fine Arts depending on the chosen field of study. The art institute of Seattle offers a wide range of specializations in fashion, design and media arts, some of which are photography, video production, audio production, web design, animation, digital filmmaking, fashion marketing, fashion design, fashion marketing and more. The art institute of Seattle culinary programs and curriculum are designed to equip students with real-world skills and gain the hands-on experience they need to get started and pursue opportunities in the dynamic culinary field. The General Education Department takes a holistic approach to learning, making connections between different subject matters, their importance to historical and cultural contexts, and the careers that lie ahead. The art institute of Seattle boast of a team of highly experienced and professionally equipped team of faculty who encourage free expression, leadership and responsible decision making.

The art institute of Seattle library located in the North Campus nurtures young minds and encourages intellectual development and creative inspiration by providing access to a an extensive collection of books, videos, and periodicals.

Students enrolling at the art institute have the option of taking up the art institute of Seattle housing which will help them communicate and get acquainted with other Art Institute students and the entire student community.

Paying for the art institute of Seattle tuition fees might seem a challenging task to some. The tuition fees at the institute for most of the programs related to art, design and culinary management are around $471 per credit and the total number of credits depends on the type of program chosen, which range from diploma, associate degree to a Bachelor of Science.

The art institute of Seattle financial aid advisors are always willing to help students by identifying financial aid opportunities that they may qualify for. Students can apply for aid, including specific grants, loans and scholarships. About 80% of the first year students at the college receive financial aid. Students can complete the FAFSA form which determines how much aid a student is eligible for. The grants that a student at the art institute can apply for are the Federal Pell Grant, Academic Competitive Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, the Federal Perkins Loan, the Federal Stafford Student Loan, the Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students. The Art Institutes participate in several alternative loan programs from private lenders and a student can also meet up a part of their expenses through the Federal Work-Study program. Specific state aid is based on the state of residence of the student and where the school is located.

Each location of The Art Institutes may offer various scholarships, awards, and grants every year to new and continuing students like The Art Institutes Portfolio Scholarship Competition:, The Art Institutes Merit Awards: the art institutes national scholarships, The Art Institutes Best Teen Chef Competition to mention some.

Seattle City Guide

The art institute of Seattle welcomes students to a network of creative professionals from the U.S. and beyond. There is an online art institute of Seattle alumni community that students can register for. Reading alumni success stories, applying for jobs, finding updates on programs are all made simple through this vibrant online community, at no extra cost.

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