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Seattle Freebies

Whether you enjoy being outdoors amidst the nature want to be trapped in a concrete structure Seattle has plenty of options for you. When you sit down to plan your trip to Seattle you will be amazed at the choices which it has to offer. It will become difficult for you to choose the places which you want to visit and which you intend to miss.

Also when you narrow down on the places you want to visit they should not be such that after visiting these places your pockets will become empty. Also, it is not essential that you need to spend always when you visit a place not at least in Seattle because you have plenty of free tourist attractions here in Seattle. So your trip to Seattle should be a good blend of free as well as paid entertainment so that it does not weigh heavy on your pocket. These free activities are a perfect choice for you when you are with your family because they combine entertainment with educations and your kids will just love them. In this article I am going to discuss some of such freebies in and around Seattle.

The first place on our list of freebies is the Voluntary Park Conservatory. If you love being amidst the nature then this is the place to be. It is divided into five parts with each part catering to the environment of a specific type of plants. The 5 parts or houses (as they are more popularly called) are

  • Bromeliad House: This house caters to the plants of pineapple family.
  • Palm house: This house contains a wide variety of plants approximately 1300 species.
  • Fern House: This houses mostly hard to find plants like exotic and tropical plants.
  • Cactus House: As the name suggest this contains the various types of cactus plants from around the world.
  • Seasonal Display House: The contents of this house change with the change in the season. Here you will found some of the common and popular plants depending upon the season.

The entry to this conservatory is free to the public and it is great way to spend some quality time with your family as well as learn some of the vital points about it.

The next thing on our list is the Washington Arboretum Park. This park is as big as 200 acres and was designed by the same designers that designed the world famous Central Park of New York. With as many as 40,000 plants and shrubs it will take you a long time to explore the park. You have two options to visit this park one is to take a tour and another is to just wander off. As we are talking about freebies we would talk here about a free entry to the park and exploring it yourself. This park contains many of the endangered species of plants and shrubs which you will rarely find any where else in the world. You will get great knowledge about these plants and shrubs just by exploring the park yourself.

The next location on our list is another park named as Woodland Park Rose Garden. This garden is completely free though it is located next to the Zoo. But you need to take care of the 4$ parking fee if you plan to visit it during the zoo hours. There are hardly any of us who does not like roses (apart from those who are allergic).This is like being amidst the kingdom of roses with every type of rose blossoming here because the climate of Seattle is just right for roses. This park is one of the prime attractions of Seattle and get attract over 2 lakh visitors each year.

Seattle City Guide

The last place on where our list is the Discovery Park. This park offers landscape views which are a photographers and painters delight. It is the largest park in Seattle with an area of 534 acres. The park has something for everyone whether you are here for picnic or exploring.

Nature is simply at its best in and around Seattle and hence it also forms an important part of Seattle’s tourist attractions. The climate of Seattle coupled with the presence of great natural surrounding make the above sites a must visit even when you are short on time.

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