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Seattle Sports

Seattle is the largest city located in the Washington. Seattle is a city with the great sports teams located within the city such as: Seattle Mariners, Seattle Supersonics, Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Thunderbirds. You can always find a sporting event within the city and should never miss the fun of live sporting event in Seattle. Some of the best teams in the city are listed below -

Seattle Mariners,

Seattle SuperSonics ,

Washington Seahawks,

Washington Thunderbirds

  • Seattle Mariners
    A Major League Baseball team, Seattle Mariners is based in Seattle, Washington. The team was established in 1977 and is in the West Division of the American League. The team plays at Safeco Field that is located in the SoDo district of downtown Seattle. On April 6 1977, the team played its first game, losing 7-0 to the California Angels.

    The Mariners finished their season with a record of 83-79 in 1991. This was the best season for the Mariners up to that point. In 1994, the team improved further by adding new players such as: Ken Griffey, Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez, and Jay Buhner. In 1995, the Mariners won the tiebreaker game 9-1 and clinched their first-ever trip to the playoffs. Same year, the team lost the first two games against the New York Yankees but won next two home games.

    In 1997, the Seattle Mariners won the division title. In 1998 and 1999, the Mariners had to face losing records because of their lack of pitching depth. In 2000, the team won Wild Card Berth and in 2001 the team won West Division title. In 2002, the team had an excellent start but still missed the playoffs. The team finished  the 2004 season with 63-99 record and 2005 with 69-93.

  • Seattle SuperSonics
    An American professional basketball team, Seattle SuperSonics that was founded in 1967 is based in Seattle, Washington.  They are member of the Southwest Division of Western Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Supersonics play at Key Arena that is located north of downtown Seattle, USA. Since 1967, the team has won six division titles (1979, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 2005), three conference titles (1978, 1979, and 1996) and one championship (1979).

    During 1979–80 season, the Supersonics finished with a record of 56–26. In 1983, team owner Sam Schulman sold the SuperSonics to Barry Ackerley. In the 1988–89 season, The SuperSonics finished with a record of 47–35, and made it to the second round of the  playoffs. In 1992, with the arrival of new head coach the team posted a 55–27 record.

    Due to some sort of  disagreements between the Basketball Club of Seattle and the city of Seattle, the Sonics alongwith Seattle Storm were sold to an Oklahoma City group in 2006 for US$350 million.

    Seattle SuperSonics mascot's name is Squatch. Out of the three major teams in Seatle that includes the Mariners, the Seahawks, and the Sonics; the Sonics are the only team who have won a championship. Bob Hill is the current head coach of the team. The team wears uniforms of colors: green, gold and white.

  • Seattle Seahawks
    A professional American football team named Seattle Seahawks that was established in 1976 is from Seattle, Washington. They are currently members of the Western Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL). Mike Holmgren serves as the head coach of the team. Seattle Seahawks mascot's name is Blitz, and Taima the augur hawk. Since 1976, the team has won one conference championship (2005) and five division titles in their franchise history: the 1988 and 1999 AFC West titles, and the 2004, 2005, and 2006 NFC West titles.

    The team first win was in the October of 1976 when they beat their expansion brethren Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13-10 at Tampa Bay. The 1977 Seahawks would finish with a record of 5-9. The 1978 was the first winning season for the team with a 9-7 record. The 1985 season was known as one of the most frustrating in the team's history as the team won 2 games in a row and then losing 2 games in a row throughout the season. In 1988, the team won its first AFC West division title.

    In 1999 under the guidance of Mike Holmgren, the team won their second division title and first playoff berth since 1988 and also had memorable 24-7 win over the Green Bay Packers. In 2003, the team made the playoffs as a wild card with a 10-6 record. The Seahawks ended their 2004 season by losing to the Rams 27-20 in the NFC Wild Card game in Seattle. In 2005, Seahawks were the NFC representative in Super Bowl XL. The Seahawks are one of two teams along with the Oakland Raiders to never wear their white jerseys at home. The team wears uniforms of colors: pacific blue, navy blue, neon green, and white.

  • Seattle Thunderbirds
    An ice hockey team, Seattle Thunderbirds is based in Seattle, Washington. The Thunderbirds are currently member of the Western Hockey League. Thunderbirds play in KeyArena on the Seattle Center campus and were established in 1971. Earlier they were called the Seattle Breakers but in 1985 they were renamed to the Thunderbirds.

    Seattle City Guide

    The Thunderbirds arrived in Seattle in 1977 from Vancouver, British Columbia. Rob Sumner is the current head coach of the team. The team wears uniforms of colors: navy blue, green and silver. The Seattle Thunderbirds were the U.S. Division champions in 2003 and 2005 and also won WHL Western Conference championship in 1997.

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