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Art in Seattle

If you are an art lover then you will be spoiled with options when you visit Seattle. You will have everything to choose from small galleries to big world famous museums. There are also places in Seattle where you can try your own hand at various arts and surely one of this will appeal to your senses.

If I start with the museums which you may already know something about then you may get bored and hence I think I will take them up at the bottom. Let’s start over art journey in Seattle with something unique like shops which let you create your own art. The first of this unique beauty on our list is a little shop called Art by fire. Here you can buy the ready made works of art if you want but this is not the reason why I have chosen this shop. The main reason why I have chosen this shop is because it gives you training in glass blowing. The classes extend for four weeks and are conducted every week. But I would suggest even if you do not stay for weeks just go and attend them once. These classes are a great learning experience. If you want to learn something completely and in less time then they also have on offer bead making classes which only last for two nights and mostly are conducted on consecutive nights. If you do not want to learn anything then also this shop deserves a visit on the merits of the works that are displayed and are for sale in this shop.

The next place on our list is a shop named Glazed and Amazed. Even thought he trend of such type of sops is picking all over the world but then also chances are many of you haven’t yet discovered them and a trip to one of these is a great way to bring out your creative self and spend some quality time having fun with your family as well. One of my favorite things that I do here is paint a ceramic pot. Once you paint it you can give it to them for firing it and you can pick up the ceramic pot after two days. My advice to you is that you should go here early on your trip as it will take at least two days to fire your hand painted pot and there is no fun without taking it to show your family and friends.

If you don’t mind a short drive then the next place might be just right for you. It is called as the Museum of Glass and is situated in Tacoma. One of the main attraction of this museum is that here you can actually see glass being manufactured. Not many places offer you the whole process by which simple glass becomes and an part and this museum is one of few such places in the world which offers you such rare opportunity. When you visit this museum you will surely realize that it is completely worth the drive from Seattle because you can see here some of the most fascinating form of glass art.

Seattle City Guide

When you are in Tacoma, and in saying so I assume you have visited the Glass museum then it would be a good idea to visit the Tacoma art museum which is located close by. If you loved the glass art in your previous museum then you would love it here because here on display are the works of Dale Chihuly who is a maestro of glass art.

If you love art truly then you will have plenty of choices in and around Seattle whether it is seeing art specimens on display, seeing art specimens being created or creating art specimens yourself. In the field of art Seattle offers some of the most unique and unmatched choices in the world.

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