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Attractions in Seattle

Seattle is a city located in the state of Washington. It is a costal port city. Seattle is the largest city in the United States of America. The city of Seattle has the nick name known as the “Emerald city” as a result of a competition held there. But once it held a nick name called “Queen City”.

  • Tourism Attractions in Seattle
    There is a three hour Explore Seattle tour for the visitors, which gives the orientation for the visitors to know why the city is special. This tour covers a distance of 30 miles by foot and by bus. It includes the areas of Salmon ladder, Government locks, Museum of flight, financial district, shopping district, space needle and old Seattle.

  • Museum Of Flight
    The Museum of flight is the largest air and space museum in the West Country. The museum displays 85 historic aircrafts and personal stories of historic persons and promotes many educational activities.

    The great gallery of the museum has 30 aircrafts hung over our heads in a full flight altitude. It promotes educational activities by allowing you to take a visit to the William E. Boeing Red Barn, a facility of the Boeing Company that manufactures the aircrafts.

    In Seattle, explore the Boeing’s largest plant which is in the world’s largest building. There will be a video presentation before you enter the plant. You can explore the assembly line of various Boeing aircrafts.

  • Space Needle
    The space needle is good for dining. A 41 second trip covers a distance of 520 feet up to the observation deck to the Sky City restaurant which revolves 360 degrees as you eat.

  • Seattle Public Library
    The Seattle public library is another attraction. Here a glass and steel structure of the library, which was designed by Rem Koolhas, a Dutch architect makes the building to look translucent, attracting the passersby to look in.

  • Woodland Park Zoo
    The woodland park zoo is where you can explore more than 1000 animals from 3000 different species. It has animal species from elephants to penguins. San Juan Island is another place where you can search for orca whales and other wildlife animals. The Seattle aquarium has a huge collection of fishes. The main attraction is you can walk under the water in a glass dome as the sharks and other fishes swim around.

    The certified maritime Captains of the coast guards will take you on a wonderful trip. You will travel by Amphibious World War II vehicles to see the places of Seattle like the Seattle waterfront and Pioneer Square.

Seattle City Guide
  • Seattle Waterfront
    The Seattle waterfront is collection of restaurants, attractions and shopping. This is the starting point for ships. Here you can admire the fountains on the wooden piers of the waterfront park.

    Apart from these tourist spots, Seattle also plays host for many cultural events like the international film festival, book fair and sea fair events.

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