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Tourist attractions in Washington

Washington DC is the capital of United States of America. It is the center of the 3 divisions of the federal administration. Washington DC is also referred to as the district or Dc or just Washington. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Washington DC. The notable ones include national mall, US Capitol, White house, Washington Monument, Lincoln memorial, Federal Bureau of Investigation, International Spy Museum and Smithsonian Institution. Let us see about these famous attractions in this article.

Important Places To Visit In Washington DC:

Here are some details about popular tourist attractions in Washington DC.

  • National Mall

    The national mall is the most important tourist hub in Washington DC. It extends for about three kilometers. The national mall is home for attractions like the Capitol Washington Monument Memorials of Roosevelt, Jefferson and Lincoln, Smithsonian Institution, National Gallery of Art and White House. The national mall is the city’s social center.

  • US Capitol

    The US capitol is the nucleus of the US government. It is one of the major landmarks of Washington DC and is the top tourist attraction of Washington DC. It symbolizes democracy. It is also the home to the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, the senate and the House of Representatives. The US capitol is open for visitors on all days other than Sundays

  • White House

    The White House is the administrative headquarters and private residence of the president of USA. An US flag flies at the top of the building if the president is there in the white house. The white house is located at the periphery of the national mall. Over the years, the white house has incurred several changes and inclusions to the preferences of various Presidents, while they are in term. The latest inclusion is a horseshoe-throwing lane for President Bush. The tourists can visit a number of rooms in the state and ground floor. The 2 floors at the top are for private use only.

  • The Washington Monument

    The Washington monument was built in memory of George Washington, the first president of the United States of America. Washington is also known as the father of the nation. The Washington monument is the tallest structure in Washington DC. The monument is made of loose granite blocks without using cement.

  • FBI headquarters

    The J Edgar Hoover FBI Building is the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The building is named after the first director of FBI, J Edgar Hoover. It was one of the most popular attractions in Washington DC before public tours were suspended indefinitely.

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  • The Lincoln Memorial

    The flamboyant Lincoln Memorial was built in the memory of Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth American president. The Abraham Lincoln statue in the middle of the memorial is a magnificent master piece.

    The other sought after destinations in the Washington DC include international spy museum, smithsonian Institution and the national gallery of art

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