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» Romantic Escapes in Seattle

Romantic Escapes in Seattle

If you are looking to bring that long lost spark back in your life then you should definitely choose Seattle as your next vacation destination. The city is full of romantic escapes and the rains accompany you nearly all the time which makes it more romantic and gives you one more excuse to cuddle up inside an umbrella. Even if you are not a romantic you will find it hard to not to rock the world of your partner.

Many people don’t know where to start and hence I will share with you some of my most experiences in this city. You should first start by wandering in the Woodland Park Rose Garden by holding each others hand. With the scents of roses drifting all around and the beautiful views all around it is hard to remain in normal mood. It will surely ting your heart strings here. But if for some reason you or your date doesn’t like flowers then there are many other options to explore in the city.

There is nothing more to add to your romance then wine. And the best way to get good quality wine is to go for wine tasting. Seattle is surrounded by vineyards which offer daily tours that mostly end with wine tasting. It doesn’t matter at all if it’s your first wine tasting trip because you will learn quickly and have great fun while tasting splendid quality of wine. If you love beers more than wine then also you have got plenty of options around the city where you could sample different types of beers. Exploring new things with each other is always a romantic experience so don’t just think about it but experience it.

If you want to do something special for your date then take her on a hot air balloon ride. There is nothing more magnificent then the view of the city from a few hundred feet and if you choose the right time like sunset then there can be nothing more romantic. You need not worry about the handling because there is someone else to handle the balloon while you and your date get to spend some quality and romantic time together and that also being few hundred feet above the city.

If you live in Seattle for more than one day then you will surely experience rain at some time or the other. Some times simple things are more affective in bringing your inner romantic out then the others. So when it rains the next time just grab your partners hand and have a walk in the rain. If you like shows then head to some of the theaters in the area or plan a trip to the ballet at night. These are a big hit with the ladies.

Seattle City Guide

The most romantic part of the day if you are at the right place is the sunset and there are many options to make your sunset romantic. One of them is to take a ride in space needle and view the whole city from the observation desk. Another way to make your sunsets more romantic is to take a boat ride at sunset. This will surely do the trick for you. To find the right boat for yourself head on to the wooden boat museum. If you want to go out in the day then you may try seeing some whales.

The main thing is that in Seattle you will never be out of options to make every day a romantic and special one for your partner. So, if you want to bring back the lost charm then just try some of the things mentioned above and see how the magic works.

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